My Linkedin Transformation.

I always thought I was social media savvy until my unsocial media savvy sister started talking about LinkedIn. LinkedIn? That platform that I’ve had a professional profile on for years but never used? Like it’s just an online resume, right? Wrong! She kept talking about the one she met on LinkedIn that helped her out. And the one who became her client. When I mentioned to her that I was looking to grow my branding agency she once again gently reminded me how powerful Linkedin is.

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I decided to see what Linkedin was all about for myself. I downloaded the app and started to watch what she was doing. I realized she was part of such a great community. But I definitely wasn’t ready to be a part of it yet!

So I lurked. I slowly started to like posts here and there. At the time, it felt like such a big deal officially putting my seal of approval on someone’s post. As if people cared that much. Eventually I gained confidence, began to comment on posts and I finally took the leap and started posting!

After some time, I realized I was good at it. I watched and learned and refined my writing skills. I could do this! I soon closed my first client through LinkedIn! It was a web-development project and it was so exciting! Linkedin had become real! Each time a client finds me through through Linkedin I am still so amazed at the power of a social media platform.

Sharing my experience and helping other people transform their Linkedin experience has become something I really enjoy. I love using everything I’ve learned to help people grow their businesses.

Won’t you join me on my LinkedIn journey?

Won’t you join me on my LinkedIn journey?