How you can use LinkedIn to close sales during QuaranTIMES

Woman Working from Home

If you are lucky enough to have something to sell during CORONATIMES, you may be wondering how to sell your product or service. From your couch. My first piece of advice: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized. OPTIMIZING YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE Start with your HEADLINE. I always say that your LinkedIn headline is your […]

Content type – What do your LinkedIn followers want to see?

Tired woman with pencil working with computer

I get this question quite often. I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned through trial and error and by taking note of what kind of content I ENJOY engaging with on my LinkedIn feed. The short answer: mix it up. Let’s go deeper. There are two important things to keep in mind: 1. […]

Are you afraid to post on LinkedIn?

I have broken down for you how I went from a LinkedIn lurker to a full-time poster. From Lurked to Linked. My LinkedIn journey took about 6 months. I’m a slow and steady kind of gal. I watch, learn and then slowly get my feet wet. I’m never that friend who just jumps into the […]

The day I got yelled at was a good one. Here’s why:

kid on phone yelling

I once got yelled at by a potential client. Yes YELLED at – for no good reason! (Hey if I deserved it, I can handle it!) I’ve been told I’m a nice person. And I don’t usually yell at people. Or even call them names. So it felt very wrong. But I’m getting ahead of […]