Are you afraid to post on LinkedIn?

I have broken down for you how I went from a LinkedIn lurker to a full-time poster. From Lurked to Linked. My LinkedIn journey took about 6 months. I’m a slow and steady kind of gal. I watch, learn and then slowly get my feet wet. I’m never that friend who just jumps into the deep-end (don’t ever push me in, please!) After about a year of LinkedIn learning, I’m finally ready to share my experience with you. What worked for me. I hope it works for you.

Each stage is typically 3-6 weeks (depending on your level of social media fear).


Here we go:

  • Lurk for awhile (it’s ok, this is a necessary prerequisite.)
  • Like a few posts per day (get used to publicly supporting people.)
  • Begin to comment. (Keep it real. Just make believe you are talking/conversing.)
  • Become a regular liker/commentator (now you are confident with your virtual voice.)
  • Begin to post with a goal of once a week.
  • Accidentally post twice a week (because you found yourself with more things to say and it wasn’t so scary!)
  • Post daily.
  • Surprise yourself and post more than once a day!

Congrats! You are now a fully Linked!


Disclaimer: It’s ok to take a break if you have to. Be nice to yourself if you miss a day. It happens to me all the time. Do me a favor and take weekends off! We all need time away from social media.


A few more tips:


  • Message people regularly to say hello!
  • Like, engage, repeat. It’s just as important as posting. It helps you be seen.
  • Brush up your writing skills if you have to. It’ll pay off.
  • Connect with at least 10 people per day.
  • Connect with those that like and comment on your posts.
  • Change up the content. Your followers like to see a variety. Short posts, long posts, images, success stories. Mix it up!
  • Stay true to your voice. Only put out content that you would say to a group of people in-person.
  • Always remember to be positive and kind on social media.


Do you have a LinkedIn journey? I would love to hear about it in the comments. Need advice? Shoot me a question.



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