How you can use LinkedIn to close sales during QuaranTIMES

If you are lucky enough to have something to sell during CORONATIMES, you may be wondering how to sell your product or service. From your couch.

My first piece of advice: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized.


Start with your HEADLINE. I always say that your LinkedIn headline is your most valuable piece of real estate on Linkedin. Whenever you engage on peoples posts, they will see your name AND your headline. It’s an opportunity to tell everyone who will read your comment what you offer. The goal is to write in as few words as possible exactly what you do. Nobody really cares if you are a ‘sales manager or a ‘CEO’ or an ‘Executive Assistant’. Tell me what you’re selling and how it can help me.

Next, use the About section of your LinkedIn profile to tell your readers exactly what you do and why you are qualified to do it. You can highlight your personal qualities and skills that make you good at doing your job. Talk about the service you provide, who your target market is and why you are passionate about serving them. You want to explain your service in a clear and easy to understand manner. Leave your contact details and attach some links to your work if you can. Share something personal for an added bonus!

Lastly, make sure that the Experience and Education sections of your profile are properly updated so they reflect the value you bring to your clients.


Once your profile is ready for your potential clients, start sharing content on LinkedIn. You never want to be too salesy, but you want to tell people through your content what you do and how you do it. It’s like slowly telling your story over time. The story of how you can help people with your service. Share your client experiences, your industry knowledge and some helpful tips. Get a bit personal if you can. Your connections want to get to know you from the other side of their screen. Don’t be afraid to share your struggles during this time. Most of us are quarantined due to the coronavirus and it can be rough!


Now your real question is, how do my connections become my clients?

Here are some things you can do to attract clients through LinkedIn:

Take the time to search for people in your network who may be able to use your services at this time. Reach out to them in a respectful, non pressuring way. Connect with as many people as you can in your target market. Show them support by engaging with their content. Set up calls with as many people in your target market as you can. Speaking with your connections offline is very powerful and is a great way to have a chance to sell your services. Hopefully your connections have already liked your content and closing the sale will be a smooth process!

Connect, engage, message, hop on a call and repeat!

I hope you enjoyed this article! If you need help updating your LinkedIn profile or creating LinkedIn content, I’d be honored to help you! Send me a message here on LinkedIn!

Until then, best wishes for health and wellness!

Good luck with the LinkedIn game,

~ Esther

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