The day I got yelled at was a good one. Here’s why:

I once got yelled at by a potential client. Yes YELLED at – for no good reason! (Hey if I deserved it, I can handle it!)

I’ve been told I’m a nice person. And I don’t usually yell at people. Or even call them names. So it felt very wrong. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

An individual whose name is recognized in every household in my community had reached out to me. I’ll call him Joe. Joe was inquiring about my services. After an initial half hour phone call in which I was very patient (and a VERY good listener), I promised to get back to him the next day with a quote and our recommendations.

I did my research, spoke to my team, and we came up with the necessary information.

I called Joe the next day as promised. For some reason, he didn’t like what I had to say. I think he didn’t want to come to terms with the scope of the project. He thought what he was asking for was “no big deal”, but my team had determined it to be pretty big.

And so he yelled.

And called me names. And a liar. He twisted my words around in circles so twisted I couldn’t recognize them anymore.

When Joe finally hung up (wait, slammed down) the phone, I just sat there for a few seconds completely mind blown. (And shaking.)

From his unprofessionalism. His choice of words. His anger. His fame.

But then I smiled. And laughed. I had just gotten yelled at, but I was proud of myself.
Here’s why: I didn’t yell back. I didn’t lose my cool or my professional touch. I defended myself respectfully and stuck by my original statements. Oh, and everything I was accused? False.

I even wished Joe the best of luck with his new project. I’m glad he turned me away because I like to value and respect my clients. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very respectable.

It was a good day because I learned something about myself. I learned that I’m stronger and more professional than I give myself credit for.

Don’t let fame get in your way Joe. It’s hurting you.

Have you ever been yelled at by a client? How did you react? I’d love to hear about your experience. Please let me know in the comments below!


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